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This Blog Is Free With A Paid Membership To CB Pirate

ClickBank Pirate is not a bad program for making money online and they give you a free WordPress blog, however as you can see the blog is lacking a lot in the control area, you can’t add pages, you can edit what’s in the sidebar, you can’t design a custom header, or use any plugins which sucks for more than just these reasons but it’s also a good thing that you can use to drive more trafic to your affiliate offers.

So lets say you write this killer article laced with your affiliate links from ClickBank, JVZoo, Amazon, where-ever. Well if you just posted it on your blog it may not get seen as much, but if you post it here on your free blog, and on your Blogger and blogs along with your personal blog then put these links in all your email, post them on FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, and anywhere else that you can.

Not every post you make has to be about making money or loaded with affiliate links, take this one for example, it is simple and to the point. Your overall goal is to get as much traffic to your blogs as you can, and when people go to your blogs they will read some of your articles and may even click on some of your links and if your article impressed them enough then they just may order the offer and you’ll inturn earn a commision.

The only draw back to this free blog here is you can’t add any of your list building tools to it, well not in the usual way. You could make a post and add a link where people can goto your signup form and you can collect there names and email addresses… You can do this by offering them some freebies, then when you have a couple hundred or even less you can start mailing them new offers but be sure to write a good message about what your offering.


Need To Kick-Start Your Google AdWords Campaign?

Starting an AdWords campaign is a mission that requires many tasks, tests, and small jobs. Whether you’re launching a new product of your own, marketing a product that someone else made, or just gathering data to use in your next product launch, selecting keywords, choosing advertising copy, and picking ad frequency can all prove to be massively stressful activities both on their own, and certainly when put altogether. Instead of making yourself take care of all of these activities, day after day, you can use innovative new tools to make your AdWords experience much more simple and enjoyable.

Just what are these tools? Before we start on any specific software, it’s important to establish just why and how these tools can really help you. If you’re anything like the standard AdWords user, you’ve had months where very few of your ads have converted. You likely swore it off as something that just occasionally happens, and nothing that you could do anything about. Well, by using some of this innovative software, you can make sure that those months don’t happen any more. By stress-testing keywords before you order your ads, you can make sure you’ll only be bidding on the best, most consistently profitable keywords.

It all comes down to results, and with many internet marketers not getting the ones that they want from their AdWords campaigns, it’s time to change the strategy. AdWords are truly a mission for the serious internet marketer, and without the proper set of tools helping to guide your journey, you’re destined to see little to no results from your advertising campaigns.

Want to scratch that possibility, and leave your AdWords ads converting and creating sales like crazy? This free report, written using some of the most vital, cutting edge and optimised AdWords information and strategies, is the perfect companion for your AdWords work. Whether you’re marketing hair ties or sports cars, this report contains the strategies and principles that the most successful marketers use to make sure that their advertising campaigns truly work!

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Completely free, and packed full of information, this report gives you all the details that you need to know about the latest and greatest AdWords applications, tools, and strategic resources. If you’re serious about your AdWords advertising, you’d better do your best to make sure you apply them.

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Need Help Starting Your Blog?

Starting a blog can be a difficult and confusing experience, with the level of choice and customisability out there trapping newbie users into a world of excess choice and difficult decisions. Although it’s something that often causes a lot of stress and worry, it’s also an experience that creates a great deal of excitement for newbie bloggers. There’s the feeling that things aren’t ever going to be the same — your thoughts are no longer yours alone, and are now broadcast to the world. Instead of falling into the same habits of stress and frustration, it’s possible to bypass the most difficult technical parts of starting a blog and instead focus on your content right from the get go.

How can you do this? Well, it’s possible to learn the basic of blogging in just a few minutes, without any experimentation or testing on your part. How many times have you found yourself stuck in front of a new computer program with no guidance or instruction? It’s something that we’ve all had to overcome at some point, and the feeling of having wasted time learning something that you’ll never have to again use is frustrating and annoying. Don’t let yourself fall victim to the newbie bloggers dilemma, instead use the resources and guidance available to minimise the stress and difficulty associated with the initial steps of blogging and get your blog on the road as fast as you can.

This is all made possible by the incredible information provided as part of this free report, available free of charge to any newbie blogger. We were all beginner bloggers once, just like you, so we know how annoying the situation can be. We also know exactly what information is the most valuable and helpful to a newbie blogger, and what information can safely be ignored or disregarded. Let’s face it: there’s a massive amount of blogging advice out there that simply doesn’t help, or even amplifies the confusion that this investment in new technology brings on. This report is no nonsense, easy to read, and filled to the brim with useful, relevant information for newbie bloggers and experienced bloggers alike.

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Are you ready to skip the superficial parts and jump right into the drivers seat of your blog, ready to produce the best content possible? This free report will help you get there. Compiled using information and advice from highly experienced bloggers, this short report will help you get on your way to massive blogging success.

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Travel The World and Earn With Your Blog!

We all wish that we could do more travel, yet it’s always something that we end up limiting because of work commitments. With most jobs offering anything from 2-4 weeks per year of travel time, it’s just not possible to make long-term travel a possibility when you’re working a day job. While this creates massive amounts of stress and frustration for many 9-5ers, it’s not the only option. By creating an online income through blogging, you can live in any location you want, and earn a highly lucrative online income at the same time.

How is this possible? It’s simple really, bu taking your blogging business on the road you can actually save money compared to staying at home. When you’re at home living in an expensive western country, you’re spending many times what you would living somewhere warm and exotic in the developing world. Instead of spending $2000 per month to rent a cramped apartment in your city, you could be spending $1000 on a beautiful villa in a developing country such as Thailand, Costa Rica, or many others.

What does this have to do with blogging? Let’s get to it now. Blogging has taken to world by storm, and proved itself to be one of the most consistent and powerful online money making tools. Whether you’re blogging about cakes or airplanes, there’s an audience out there that’s dying to hear from you and purchase your products, buy from your affiliates, or spend money through your niche advertisers.

It’s an evolution in online commerce — blogs are taking over from more traditional forms of marketing, and now is the time to capitalise on this opportunity. Make the most of your niche blog today and you can create an income that allows you to travel the world and spend time in whatever exotic locale takes your fantasy. This free report contains everything you need in order to get started in the world of professional blogging.

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Does this sound like something that excites you? Don’t try to fight it — long-term travel is a fantasy that we’ve all had, it’s just most people have never had the courage to make it a reality. Don’t paralyse yourself looking back on what could have been, instead invest in yourself and build your uber-successful blog and travel the world in style.

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3 Keyword Writing Tips

Writing articles around keywords has got to be one of the most tedious and uninteresting tasks for many webmasters. Whether you’re trying to boost traffic, increase sales, or simply gain the marketing exposure that your business deserves, writing articles to promote your business can be a great strategy. However, it’s often a tedious and unrewarding task, with the best performance not always coming from the greatest time input. Keyword article writing, also known as SEO article writing, is a strategy as old as search engines itself, and forms the backbone of any sensible SEO campaign. These three tips are designed to both ease the strains that can come with article writing and increase the results of your SEO writing campaigns. Put your pens down, brainstorm some keyword ideas, and get ready to write. Here they are:

#1 – Write first, and add keywords later.
This strategy is a great way to get the highest quality content, suitable for both the search engines and the most dedicated and specialized human readers. Whether you need to gain clients and customers or just increase page views to boost your Adsense earnings, increasing exposure through a well written article is one of the best ways to do so. Increase you content quality and convert only the best traffic by writing with human readers in mind first and foremost, and editing and formatting your content for search engines after the writing goes on. It’ll clear up your content, increase your abilities to convert readers, and create great word of mouth traffic to you.

#2 – Invest in a little inside research.
Want to pump out SEO articles at record speed? It all starts with learning about your subjects. For some people, SEO is all about pumping keyword count and maximizing the views that your articles attract. While these people get a little bit of traffic, they’re not the type that have huge client bases and massive sales. When you balance your SEO keywords with a little common knowledge and specialist information, you can attract two different crowds to your writing. The first is the me-too crowd, here to read your content and pass over your sale techniques. The other is the enthusiast crowd — the types that are ready to buy and desperate to spend their money for great content. Do your best to attract the second type of visitor above all others.

#3 – Plan your article titles before you write.
This little tip could shave 50% off of your article writing time. For many people, creativity comes at different times of the day. From 9am to midday, we’re full of creative ideas for page titles, article ideas, and other content works. However, at those same times we can’t bring ourselves to touch pad to paper and create the content that brings in those visitors. At other times, we’re ready to write but unable to form the ideas that make great articles. Combine these two different states and use different work styles and times to make your articles combine great idea and great execution.

To learn more keyword research, check out the free Money Making Words report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate.

Shoot Up The Google Rankings!

You’ve made your website, written your copy, and prepared yourself for the onslaught of visitors. But when it comes to launch day, they’re nowhere to be seen. It seems bizarre; you’ve written the content, created the product, and built the network of websites, but there’s nobody to be seen visiting them. Don’t worry — it’s not about your content’s quality or your ability to create a good website, it’s just the nature of the internet manifesting itself in poor traffic.

You see, without the great exposure that’s possible through search engines, your website may be doomed to failure from the beginning. Without a powerful traffic asset on your site, be it a link on a popular website, an article promoting your business, or a link appearing in search engine results, you’re not going to see the results that you want. However, by using some innovative SEO strategies, you can fight back against the powers holding you down the search engine rankings, and see your website shoot up the ranks and sit where it belongs.

You could be number one. It’s not simply a matter of age or size, as we’ve all seen corporate giants toppled on the web by smaller, faster and smarter competitors. It’s about strategy and technique, and the incredible dynamics that come from a small and incredibly dedicated team or keyword system. With just a fraction of the resources of your competitors, you can craft the strategies that shoot them down the rankings and put your website in the top spot, where it belongs.

So how to you accelerate your search engine rankings? For many of us, SEO is a static concept. It never moves quickly, it waddles forward at a leisurely pace and frustrates us all. Don’t let that shape your strategy. By using some simple strategies you can supercharge your SEO and have it move much more quickly that it normally would. This free report, packed with insider information and highly valuable SEO strategies, is the perfect place to start on your quest for the perfect search engine rankings.

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Take a look at the front page, because that’s where you’re going to be. The days of scrolling through ten pages just to find your website are long over. With just a small amount of time, you’ll be ranking front and center for the keywords that you pick. Using this free report, you can guide your strategy, boost your rankings, and enjoy the income that comes with a number one Google ranking.

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Welcome To My New Clickbank Pirate Blog

I just got this new plug and play blog from Clickbank Pirate.It’s super easy to use as they have set up everything for me, all I have to do is log into my members area and post.They’ve also set up all the stuff in the sidebar for me, go ahead and try clicking some of the banners, there are some very nice free reports on the other side.And the best thing… You can get your own plug and play blog just like this! It comes as a free bonus with your Clickbank Pirate membership.